Our Philosophy

Toddle Inn Childcare Centre is a non-for-profit making, community based and managed Service. We are committed to the education and care of children from early childhood to their primary school years. Therefore, our emphasis is on building genuine reciprocal relationships with families and the community that are strengthened and sustained over time.  Families are strongly encouraged to participate in the Centre.  In the wider community we regularly access Early Learning sessions at Deloraine Primary school and other community services and events.

We aim to provide a warm, safe, caring and stimulating environment through strong and secure relationships with Educators. We believe when children develop a sense of trust and feel safe to explore, they learn more about their community, themselves and the world.

We as Educators are working in partnership with children and their families to provide a solid foundation where all children are nurtured, valued and educated. Through the implementation of the Early Years Learning Framework and the My Time, Our Place Framework we extend and enrich children’s learning to ensure the best start in their first years of life, creating a better future for themselves and their community.

Our Pedagogy recognises the importance of play based learning and it is designed to inspire conversations and improve communication. Play is the learning process that enables children to learn through hands on experiences such as doing, experimenting, predicting, achieving and making mistakes. Through ongoing learning stories and evaluations we aim to provide enriching experiences. These promote learning and the developmental needs of each child individually and as a group. All children should be given equal opportunities to explore and play within their environment regardless of age, gender or culture. Different cultures, languages and home experiences are shared by families and therefore celebrated and reflected in our curriculum.

Our Educators are committed to ongoing professional development and learning in the Early Childhood sector. Educators and Committee Members meet on a regular basis to discuss improvements within the Centre, evaluate and reflect on current theories and practises.

The Centre regularly observes documents and evaluates all practices using the seven quality areas in the National Quality Standards developed by the Australian children’s Education & Care Quality Authority. This ensures we are continually updating and improving the quality of service and standard of care we provide at Toddle Inn Childcare Centre.

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